Seismotech’s vision has always been the provision of integrated geophysical services, mainly using innovative technologies. Having been there all the way, from the concept of the adaptation of Passive Seismic methodologies at an exploration scale, to the successful implementation of such methodologies for the Oil & Gas industry, we acknowledge that the long path already traveled is not the end of the way. For that reason, we have always felt that research is a major element of our job; thus investing an important part of our resources in Research and Development.



Having in mind the specialized needs of each one of the applied methodologies, in terms of instrumentation, Seismotech has dedicated a great deal of its efforts in designing and manufacturing its own passive seismic equipment.

In that scope, the production of the MicroEQ series of seismic recorders has been launched. These recorders, being perfectly adapt to our needs, give us the means to be highly competitive, since we are able to manufacture any number of units for our projects. Moreover, being the manufacturer of our own equipment, we enjoy a number of other advantages, such as the ability to troubleshoot in the field, thus saving precious time in the case of some mishap, or the possibility to modify the equipment design, in order to cover some special need.

The MicroEQ series consists of two different types of seismic recorders, the MicroEQ32 (32-bit digitizer) and the MicroEQ24 (24-bit digitizer).

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MicroEQ32 info page.



Seismotech’s R&D team has always been dedicated to actively evolving passive methodologies. Our commitment in research, along with our hard work, has resulted in the concept and implementation of various ideas that have permitted the evolution of the original passive concepts to the competitive exploration tools we are so proud of.

The most recent advances of our R&D work are:

  • EQLab Analysis Software

A set of robust analysis tools, mainly designed in the scope of accurately solving the problems of the automatic event detection and phase picking, even in extremely noisy areas. Based on sophisticated time or/and frequency domain techniques (e.g. Higher Order Statistics, Polarization analysis, Hypothesis Testing scenarios, Eigenvalue Analysis etc.) and using a "clever" way of exploiting all the available information obtained by the network's geometry (Cluster Analysis on overlapping nested networks formed by the initial one), EQLab provides the best possible outcome to be used as input for the inversion procedures.

  • Determination of velocity models using different passive methodologies

Seismotech' s R&D team developed and adapted all the necessary computational tools to apply a number of different Passive Seismic methods at an exploration scale, by exploiting datasets obtained by a common Passive Seismic network. In particular, either existing algorithms were improved in order to conclude to the desirable results regarding the velocity models or, when necessary, new codes were developed to meet the demands of the processing procedure of each methodology. The above mentioned techniques can be used independently or complementary to each other, offering the opportunity to exploit a number of different passive signals that are present in the same recordings.

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