Have you ever thought that seismic source energy can be natural?

This would be cheaper and easier to implement. It would have HSE issues to deal with and would be more enviromentally friendly.

Have you ever thought that a source could be located within or below the target?

This would involve one-way travel-times, eliminating seismic energy penetration issues.

Have you ever thought that microearthquakes could be exploited  as seismic sources?

It can be done. Microearthquakes of low magnitude (0-3R) occur in most places on earth frequently. These microseismic events can be recorded by portable seismological network and located through analysis.

Have you ever thought that microearthquake waves carry information that could be useful for exploration?

Source to receiver one-way travel-times of the earthquake's P- and S- waves carry information on the space traveled. This information can be extracted via travel-time tomography, in the form of 3D P- and S- wave velocity models.


What else we do...

Of course we don't stop there... After all, the goal is to provide solutions!

You need to know "where to drill" or "where to focus when shooting" and we can give you that, through sophisticated joint evaluation of all acquired information in a multi-parameter space.

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