We provide solutions

Seismotech is an innovative geophysical service company, aiming in offering much more than just services.

We think different

Powered by our people, our goal is to think different and provide alternative exploration solutions in "mission impossible" cases. Our innovative toolbox of exploration technologies, along with our experience in working in extreme enviroments, give us the means to be efficient.

We are innovative

Being a world leader in the application and evolution of Passive Seismic Tomography, as well as its integration with other geophysical methodologies, we have already had successful results from a number of "mission impossible" blocks worldwide.

We are passionate

Governed by a strong passion for innovation, we are heavily investing in R&D, being thrilled each time we manage to broaden our limits, while our passion for exploration is what keeps us going.

We believe in teamwork

From our field enthusiasts to our devoted scientists, we all work together as a team, driven by the urge to find solutions to your difficult exploration problems.



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