Info about new in-house recording system.

SEISMOTECH is proud to present its new in-house developed recording system, especially designed for Passive Seismic applications. MicroEQ32, is an ultra-low power consumption, 32-bit ,3-Channel seismic recorder. Equipped with an S100 3-Component seismic sensor (shallow borehole or surface mounted), and using Force Feedback technology, has a bandwidth from 0.1-100Hz (flat response from 1-40Hz). It is a light weight and compact instrument, with dimensions 170 x 1200 x 600 mm and 800 gr weight. Waterproof Aluminium IP67 casing is used for electronics housing. GPS synchronization and WiFi communication and Self-Calibration testing are standard options. 3G Telemetry Communication and Automatic Seismic Event Detection and Phase Picking algorithm are optionally available.





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