Passive Seismic Research Project



Project Area: 1500km

Seismic Network: 450 stations

Recording Period: 6 months



Seismotech S.A., along with its partners TOTAL EP/R&D, CNRS, BRGM and CSIC-Barcelona, has successfully completed the MAUPASACQ project, a large Passive Seismic Acquisition in the Mauleon Basin, France.

Seismotech has installed and operated 200short-period stations, which, along with 200 3C geophone nodes and 50 broadband stations, have been continuously recording for a period of 6 months (April to October 2017). The Passive Seismic Acquisition was successfully completed, an impeccable HSE performance was achieved and the acquired data are now being exploited by all partners, in the scope of checking the contribution of different passive seismic methodologies to the geophysical quest for information.

The MAUPASACQ acquisition was launched in the context of the OROGEN project, funded by TOTAL S.A., CNRS and BRGM.








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