Seismic Sequence Monitoring  



Project Area: Approximately 360km

Seismic Network: 10 stations

Recording Period: 43 days


Two major earthquakes, ML=5.8/Mw=6.0 and ML=5.7/Mw=5.9 occurred in the island of Cephalonia (western Greece) on the 26 of January 2014 13:55 UTC (15:55 local time) and on the 3rd February 2014 03:08 UTC (05:08 local time), producing severe damages in the western and central part of the island. The damages were mainly focused in the Paliki peninsula, where most of the ground displacement was observed. After the first earthquake, numerous aftershocks have been recorded in the area.

A temporary seismic network, consisting of ten 3C stations, was installed in the area from Seismotech’s personnel and the technical staff of the University of Patras. The inter-station distances varied from 4 to 21km, allowing accurate location of the aftershocks. 

For more info, check out the pdf attached: Seismic_sequence_Cephalonia_Feb_2014.pdf







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