Passive Seismic Tomography Project Phase II


Project Area: approximately 2000km2

Seismic Network: 76 stations

Recording Period: 9 months

Number of Seismic Events located/used: 276/263


The scope of this project, which followed a successful Phase I Passive Seismic Tomography survey in the same area, was to provide accurate and reliable 3D P-wave velocity and Vp/Vs models, adequate for subsurface mapping of the study area.

Information deriving from Passive Seismic Tomography data would be used for Oil and Gas exploration purposes, aiming in delineating possible areas of interest within the limits of the study area.

A secondary target was to exploit the 3D velocity models delivered, in order to re-process existing conventional seismic data.

This project was successfully completed in 2012. 





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