The Biggest Passive Seismic Tomography Project  Ever!


We are very proud to announce that Seismotech Geophysical Solutions has been awarded the biggest Passive Seismic Tomography project that has ever been launched. 

BOC – a joint venture of Total SA, CNPC and Tethys Petroleum Ltd, operating in the Republic of Tajikistan– has assigned to Seismotech Geophysical Solutions a Passive Seismic Tomography investigation, covering an area of 8000 km2. In this scope, a huge network of 480 stations has been deployed. Field operations have lasted 9 months and final results were delivered in the beginning of 2016.

Apart from a successful survey, our hope is that this particular project, being an order of magnitude bigger than any successfully completed Passive Seismic Tomography project until now, both in terms of field operations and data handling, will set a new standard both for us and for the industry.

In a world that is changing fast…for an industry that is constantly adapting...we realize that the future in Passive Seismic Tomography is to listen and adapt to the needs of exploration, exploiting the methodology’s comparable advantages and extracting the most we can from its application.  






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